Hu's Cooking

2502 W. Holcombe Blvd. Houston 77030 713.660.0020


Couldn’t help thinking back to the Abbott & Costello’s YouTube “Who’s on First?” when I first heard of this popular new Chinese restaurant. Hu’s cooking has generated enormous buzz and enormous waiting lines out the door at certain times. Located near the Medical Center and not in Houston’s Asia Town, Hu’s nonetheless has a predominantly Chinese clientele-a good thing. So whether for lunch or dinner, try to be there near 11:30 or 5:00 to be seated without a wait…or, call ahead for takeout. Noodles, dumplings, & snack: Thousand layer pancakes; Braised beef noodles; Stewed chicken noodle soup; Red chili oil wontons; Homemade chicken or pork dumplings, fried or steamed. Appetizer & Salad: Cucumber w sweet sauce; Pagoda radish; Sweet 7 sour short ribs. Chef Specials: Fish head with eight treasures; Spicy bass w pickled cabbage; Duck soup w bamboo shoots; braised pork w fried shredded potato; Beef in garlic sauce served w buns; Sweet skinned duck (half); Pork roast w red pepper; Hu’s seafood hot pot. Chicken: General Tao’s; Orange; Sesame; Spicy; Kung Pao; Mongolian; Sauteed w green pepper. Pork: With Szechuan sauce; Shredded w green pepper; Sauteed w red pepper or in garlic sauce; Sliced w oyster mushrooms; Braised w Szechuan pickles. Lamb: Sauteed w cumin; Szechuan style; Spicy shabu-shabu w spearmint. Beef: Orange; Bell pepper; Sizzling w spearmint; Szechuan sautéed; Sliced in golden hot pot. Shrimp: W broccoli; Garlic sauce; General Tso; Sauteed in hot spicy sauce; Thai curry style; Fava bean & egg; Salted pepper shrimp; Sizzling w egg. Fish: Black bean sauce; Tofu; Poached w Szechuan sauce; Boneless sweet & sour. Fried rice / noodles: Chicken, beef, vegetable, shrimp, or combination fried rice. Dry pot specials: Pork ribs & shrimp pot; Squid pot; Cauliflower pot. Vegetables: Stir fried bok choy w garlic; Green pepper 7 shredded potato; Stir fried cabbage; Eggplants in garlic sauce w ground pork; Stir fried pea shoots w garlic. Soup: Kung Fu w pork & bamboo shoots; Tofu w pickled mustard leaves; Seaweed egg drop. Tofu: Sizzling w salted egg; Home style. Whew! Prices: Very reasonable. Portions: Very large. You are almost guaranteed to leave with a doggy bag.