Craft Pita

1920 Fountain View Dr. Houston 77057 832.804.9056


Busy since the day it opened, Craft Pita specializes in super-fresh high-quality ingredients such as Kobe beef in their beef pita sandwich. Bright fresh décor attracts office workers from neighboring high-rises at noon and families in the evening. Counter/ self-service speeds up the dining process, so if you see a line, don’t worry: it moves very quickly. After ordering, your order will be brought to your table. Affordable prices and generous portions. Starters / Shared plates: Hummus spread; Yogurt spread; Lebanese flatbread-Zataar & cheese. Salads: Tabbouleh, parsley, tomato, cucumber, bulgur wheat; Fattoush, organic greens, carrots, radish, tomato, cucumber, red onion, mint, parsley, baked pita chips, sumac, tossed in pomegranate vinaigrette. Pita sandwiches: Chicken, rotisserie chicken, garlic aioli, roasted potatoes, red cabbage, tomato, pickles, lettuce, parsley; Beef, kafta patties, spicy garlic aioli, roasted potatoes, red cabbage, tomato, pickles, lettuce, parsley; Falafel, chickpea fritter, tahini sauce, mint, red cabbage, tomato, pickled turnips, lettuce, parsley; Veggie, lentils, hummus, red cabbage, pickled turnips, lettuce, tabbouleh. Bowls: Chicken bowl, rotisserie chicken, garlic aioli, roasted nuts, tabbouleh, red cabbage, parsley; Beef bowl, kafta patties, cucumber, yogurt, tabbouleh, pickled turnips, red cabbage, parsley, red onion; Falafel & Veggie bowls…bowls are basically the pita filling without the pita bread. Rotisserie chicken: Served w fries, garlic aioli, and pita bread..1/4, ½, or whole bird. Desserts: Baklava ice cream w baklava crumble & pistachio; Tahini blondie w chocolate chunks; Pistachio shortbread cookie.
Drinks: Beer, wine, coffee (Turkish), Orange blossom tea, rose water, & pink lemonade.